William Alleman
MartiniVerse Character
Director Alleman conversing with Agent Sampson.
MartiniVerse Info
Position Director
Preceded By Cliff Sloan
Succeeded By Richard Bullock
Employer Agency for External Government Intelligence Services
In Office 1969-2011
Citizenship United States of America
Born 7 December 1941

Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

Died 11 November 2011 (Age 69)

Battle Creek, Michigan

Real-World Info
Portrayed By Whitman Alleman
Appeared In Mr. Spy Guy

Attack of the Kid

Oh my! He's been eaten again!

–Director Alleman

William Alleman (7 December 1941-11 November 2011) was an American secret agent, and the second director of the Agency for External Government Intelligence Services.

Early CareerEdit

Alleman was one of the original janitors of AEGIS, specifically requested by Director Sloan due to his proficiency with a Shop-Vac, powers of telekinesis, and his bitchin' hair. In 1966, Alleman was given his first field assignment, in which he was dispatched to assassinate known terrorist Paul McCartney. His success in this mission led directly to his promotion to Spy First-Class, and after defeating the genetically-modified monstrosity known only as "The Kid," Sloan personally appointed Alleman as his deputy.

Alleman Fighting Kid

Alleman fighting The Kid in 1968.

Director of AEGISEdit

Upon Sloan's death, Alleman assumed the mantle of command. He immediately began expanding AEGIS's operations, hiring such diverse agents as Matt Langley, Patrick Sampson, and H.M. Murdock. His leadership was marked by ambiguity in assignments, constant wearing of sunglasses, and synergy. He remained the Director of AEGIS until his death in 2011, when he spontaneously exploded upon hearing of Black Sabbath's reunion. Alleman was succeeded by his longtime friend and bandmate Richard Bullock.