War-Eagle film
Close-up of Agent War-Eagle from the movie
Directed By Michael Hilbun
David Hilbun
Starring Andrew Resweber
Studio Happy Hour Films, LLC
Release Date June 7, 2008
Running Time 3 mins, 27 secs
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War-Eagle is a 2008 action film produced by future Happy Hour senior member Michael Hilbun. It is the only complete film to feature Andrew Resweber (although he was slated to play Ajax in the lost film The Iliad), and the first film to feature members of what would eventually become the franchise-spanning groups AEGIS and STRIKE.


The film opens with a STRIKE agent driving into an undisclosed safe house. Upon parking, Agent War-Eagle exits the trunk and knocks out the driver. He then infiltrates the base, locates an enemy laptop, and burns the data he is looking for onto a disk. While stealing the data, he is nearly captured by a guard, but flips him over his shoulder and shoots him. The sound alerts an enemy patrol, who attempt to force War-Eagle to hand over his weapon; this plan is ineffective, as War-Eagle tricks the guard's weapon out of his own hand and slaughters the guards with it. He then faces heavy fire while trying to escape by several STRIKE agents and their security cat. While running to the extraction point he is given covering fire by fellow AEGIS agent Matt Langley. War-Eagle hops in the back of the disguised getaway car and hands over the data disk.


Behind the ScenesEdit

  • The data that War-Eagle burns onto a disc is a bootleg copy of Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Freebird."
  • The name of the cat in the background of the firefight is Cheddar.