Toxic Ray Guns
MartiniVerse Info
Origin Gann Valley, South Dakota, United States
Genres Punk rock, hardcore punk, electronica
Years Active 1975-1997, 2011-present
Label ScubaNoise Audio
In Office 1975-1997, 2011-present
Associated Acts Joey Anthrax, AIDS Machine
Members Joey Anthrax
Johnny Cancer
Suzie Crabs
Frankie Syphilis
Former Members Gary Diarrhea
Bubonic Billy
Kevin Chlamydia
Scott Gonorrhea
Real-World Info
Portrayed By David Hilbun
Michael Hilbun
Appeared In VH1 Spotlight: The Sega Genesisters
Along the Songs: The Toxic Ray Guns

The Toxic Ray Guns are a punk band from Gann Valley, South Dakota, originally formed in 1975


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Band MembersEdit

  • Joey Anthrax- Lead Vocals
  • Johnny Cancer- Lead Guitar, Lead Grunts
  • Suzie Crabs- Synthesizers
  • Frankie Syphilis- Drums, Backing Grunts