The Epic: Beowulf
Beowulf Titles
The film's main title screen
Directed By Trent Istre
Based On Beowulf
Starring Mark Logan
Victoria Breckinridge
Studio Happy Hour Films, LLC
Release Date May 18, 2008
Running Time 3 min, 5 sec
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The Epic: Beowulf is a 2008 film produced by Happy Hour Films, based on the Old English epic of Beowulf. The film is deliberately bad, with shoddy camera work, poor storytelling, and out-of-sync laugh tracks working to make the film seem like a very poorly-made B-movie.


Beowulf (Logan) and his men (Hilbun, Istre) set up camp after a long journey. While they sleep, Grendel (Breckinridge) sneaks into camp, killing one of the warriors. When he attempts to kill Beowulf however, the hero grabs his arm and holds him at swordpoint. Two more soldiers attempt to kill the beast, but Grendel easily dispatches them. Beowulf then rips Grendel's arm out and throws it away.


Behind the ScenesEdit

  • The film was made alongside Ragnarok as a project for English class. When the team realized that portraying either of these stories effectively on-screen was outside their capabilities, they decided to make them as badly as possible.