The Curious Case of Justin Timberlake Madden
JT Madden Still
Justin Timberlake Madden receiving training from Coach Adam Sandler Madden
Directed By Brian Romero
Story By Victoria Breckinridge
Starring Victoria Breckinridge
Mark Logan
Brian Romero
Studio Athens Films
Succeeded By The Making of the Curious Case of Justin Timberlake Madden (documentary)
The Curious Case of Justin Timberlake Madden 2: The Next Season (sequel)
Release Date December 17, 2008
Running Time 1 min, 21 sec
YouTube Link
The Curious Case of Justin Timberlake Madden is a 2008 short film produced by Happy Hour Films.


The film begins showing a soccer goalie from Manchester High School failing to block a soccer ball from a striker, which is assumed to be Justin Timberlake Madden, known as J.T., a Carencro High School soccer player who is known to usually be a slacker and lazy. He is then awoken by his head coach and father, Adam Sandler Madden, blowing a whistle, revealing this to be a mere dream. After being verbally chastised by his father, J.T. is then run through numerous exercises by his father. He is even blocked by his father from purchasing a Coca-Cola from a vending machine. They are then brought to retired coach and J.T.'s grandfather, John Madden, who reveals to the duo a secret play called Lion Alpha Gamma 275-Ralph, also known as the Turducken.. J.T. and Adam Sandler agree this will work. The day of the big game finally comes, and J.T. is shown to performing the same feat he was dreaming about in the beginning and winning the game for his team.


Behind the scenesEdit

The film was made by the three individuals involved as a project for Business Computer Applications class while the students were involved with Carencro High School's Academy of Information Technology. The finished project however was universally and critically panned by the group's fellow classmates. The original project was to create a one minute commercial, which apparently did not happen. The film was followed by the next project, which was supposed to be a three minute commercial. The film, a documentary of the original film, was titled The Making of the Curious Case of Justin Timberlake Madden. The documentary is now a lost film, with all survivng copies of the original film and most of the raw footage being permanently lost. A third film in the series, The Curious Case of Justin Timberlake Madden 2: The Next Season was written by Breckinridge in 2010 as a direct sequel, but the planned film did not even enter pre-production and it exists only as a rough draft screenplay.