Strange Happenings
Story By David Hilbun
Starring Jacob LaCombe
David Hilbun
Seth Dickerson
Studio Happy Hour Films, LLC
Preceded By Officer Lambchopp
Succeeded By School's Out

Strange Happenings was a screenplay written by David Hilbun, intended to be filmed in October of 2009 as Happy Hour's "Halloween Special." The project was put on indefinite hold and the screenplay was eventually abandoned. Hilbun resumed work on the script after the release of Officer Lambchopp and began to rework it into a sequel, but the project never went into production due to Happy Hour's hiatus in the summer of 2010. Hilbun has said that the movie will almost certainly never be produced.


When Matt Reilly is sent to the principal's office for cheating on a test, he discovers it is overrun by zombies. He is saved from certain death by Officer Lambchopp, and together, they attempt to put a stop to the infestation before it spreads to the rest of the school. They trace the source of the virus back to a confiscated batch of the street drug known as Altoids, which had been turned unholy by being placed too closely to a confiscated iPod containing the entire discography of Nickelback. After destroying the drugs, they run into the reanimated corpse of Nigel Rainsford Cavendish. An epic battle ensues which results in the death of the Professor. After their adventure, Lambert places the school under martial law and declares himself Principal-for-Life.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • The original draft of the script was slightly different than the final product. Instead of strictly zombies, the office was infested with all manner of monsters, and was implied to have been that way for a very long time. It also would have starred Jacob LaCombe as Matt Reilly and David Hilbun as an unnamed student who had been trapped in the office for years, forced to hold his own against the undead. After the release of Officer Lambchopp, the plot was changed to a straightforward zombie invasion scenario, and the roles of Hilbun and LaCombe were switched to accommodate the character of Officer Lambchopp.