Sega Genesisters
MartiniVerse Info
Origin Lafayette, Lousiana, United States
Genres Post-Softcore Industrial Shoegaze Folk
Years Active 1982-present
Label ScubaNoise Records
In Office 1982-present
Associated Acts Lambchopp and the Marsh Deer
The Yardbirds (debatable)
Members Yard Bird
Real-World Info
Portrayed By Seth Dickerson
Jeff Lovvorn
Appeared In VH1 Spotlight: The Sega Genesisters

The Sega Genesisters are a band.


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Band MembersEdit

  • Yard Bird- Lead Vocals, Harmonica, Percussion
  • Jefferson- Guitar, Backing Vocals


  • 1980- Peace Choppers
  • 1993- Title TBA
  • 1995- Mocha Latte Cappuccino, Caramel Spear
  • 1995- Man or Woe Man?
  • 1995- Fist Full of Butts
  • 1995- Sega Genesisters III
  • 1995- Turn Off the Lights Please, It's Really Bright and I Can't See. Also, What's This in My Hand?
  • 1995- Please Please Kill Me
  • 1995- Hayden Schulze, Ice Cream Master
  • 1995- Jigsaw Pieces and Lemon Squeezes
  • 1995- How I Stopped The Plane WIth My Bare Hands
  • 1995- Weaponized
  • 1995- Dark Places
  • 1995- Surprise! Happy Birthday Jeff!
  • 1995- I'm Sorry I Forgot Your Birthday, Yard. Please Call Me Back.
  • 2013- Poop Every Poop Like It's Your Last Poop