MartiniVerse Location
German tanks in Saint-Marie.

Saint-Marie Location

MartiniVerse Info
Country France
Mayor Wilhelm von Lieder (1940-1942)
Karl Stauffen (1942-1945)
Population 6,120
Motto Germanos nostrum constituit blandeque coruscant foveas ulcus.

Real-World Info
Filming Location Carencro High School
Appeared In Sepulcher

Saint-Marie was a small French town located approximately thirty miles east of Paris. The town had a population of 6,120 residents right before the Nazi occupation under Oberst Wilhelm von Lieder. Notable residents include Jean-Claude Marsalles and Pierre LeMieux who later formed a partisan cell in the city to fight the Nazis after the collapse and surrender of the French armed forces. Marsalles and his convoy destroyers were instrumental in crippling the Nazi occupation. Saint-Marie was also the site of Operation Sepulcher, a failed attempt by the French partisans to assassinate Adolf Hitler. After Colonel von Lieder's reassignment to Stalag 3, his second-in-command, Karl Stauffen took command of the city.