Rudolph Marshall: Part Deux
Rudolph Marshall 2
Apparent "death" of Rudolph Marshall
Directed By Victoria Breckinridge
Starring Victoria Breckinridge
Mark Logan
David Hilbun
Studio Happy Hour Films, LLC
Athens Films
Preceded By Rudolph Marshall: Part Un
Release Date September 8, 2008
Running Time 8 mins, 40 secs
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Rudolph Marshall: Part Deux is a 2008 film produced by Happy Hour Films and the now defunct Athens Films under Celtech. Part Deux is the only direct sequel to Rudolph Marshall: Part Un. It is the second and final onscreen appearance of Rudolph Marshall, and one of many films to feature the time travelling war correspondent Mark Logan. The film also features David Hilbun as an unnamed Continental soldier. The film was completely improvised from start to finish, with the entire film being done in one take. This led to many continuity errors, such as the death of Rudolph Marshall, which Breckinridge has later retconned by saying it was a fake death in order to have the British bypass him, so that he may continue on his mission of sabotage undetected. Due to this being Rudolph Marshall's final film, the character's lore was expanded in subsequent stories by Breckinridge, the character's creator. The film was universally panned by critics, unlike the original film. The film has a laughable and lackluster amount of views on YouTube and a single "like." The credit scene was also panned with a rendition of 867-5309 by Tommy Tutone, sung by Hunter Daniels (Breckinridge's pop star alter-ego) and Seth Dickerson, intended to be added to the Hunter Daniels' album, Jerk-a-Saurus.