Richard Bullock
MartiniVerse Character
Director Bullock discussing the plan to eliminate the growing threat of Dmitri Marshaski.
MartiniVerse Info
Position Director
Preceded By William Alleman
Succeeded By Position currently vacant
Employer Agency for External Government Intelligence Services
In Office 2011-2013
Citizenship France
United States of America
Born 29 May 1982
La Barre, France
Died 31 December 2013
Battle Creek, Michigan
Real-World Info
Portrayed By Mason Picard
Appeared In Mr. Spy Guy: 2
We have a mission for you.

–Director Bullock, to Agent Sampson

Richard Bullock (b. 29 May 1982) is a French-American secret agent, and the current director of AEGIS.

Early LifeEdit

Bullock was born in La Barre, France as a direct result of two bottles of wine and a Marvin Gaye record. He never knew his parents, as they were killed in a freak rickshaw accident three weeks before he was born. He was raised in an orphanage in Château-Thierry, where he grew up hearing tales of the bravery of the American soldiers who had fought nearby in Belleau Wood, most notably Sgt. Marcus Marshall. These stories, along with a massive man-crush on David Lee Roth, prompted Bullock to move to America on the day of his eighteenth birthday.

In America, Bullock could not find a job, partly due to his lack of any formal training or education, and partly due to his outrageous accent. With nowhere else to turn, Bullock attempted to join AEGIS. Unfortunately, he was deemed unfit to be an agent. Vowing to join them someday, he left America for Tibet, where he studied for three years under the Buddhist monks there to become the world's greatest bass player. Returning to America, he was instantly hired by AEGIS Director William Alleman, whose Pussycat Dolls tribute band was in dire need of a bassist.


Partly due to nepotism, and partly due to his ability to make a mean chicken sandwich, Bullock rose quickly through the ranks of AEGIS, eventually becoming the Deputy Director. Upon the death of Director Alleman, Bullock took control of the Agency. He is known for being instrumental in several major plots both foreign and domestic, such as the plot to assassinate Dmitri Marshaski and the covert mission to replace the American national anthem with Bruce Springsteen's "Born in the U.S.A." He was regarded as kinda weird, and no one was very surprised when he spontaneously exploded when listening to the Sega Genesisters' 2013 comeback album, Poop Every Poop Like It's Your Last Poop.