Randolf Mueller
MartiniVerse Character
Randolf Mueller
Mueller in Colonel von Lieder's office.
MartiniVerse Info
Born Unknown
Died Unknown
Allegiance Nazi Germany
Service/branch Schutzstaffel
Years of Service Unknown
Rank Hauptsturmführer (Captain)
Battles/Wars Unknown
Real-World Info
Portrayed By Michael Hilbun
Appeared In Sepulcher
His security will be your responsibility.

–Randolf Mueller

Hauptsturmfuhrer Randolf Mueller was a German officer in the Schutzstaffel during World War II. Serving as an aide to Reichsfuhrer Heinrich Himmler, leader of the SS, he approached Oberst Wilhelm von Lieder in the French town of Saint-Marie to inform him that Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini would be passing through the town on their way back to Berlin after touring occupied Paris. Mueller informed Lieder that no real formalities or ceremony needed to be established as it would only be a short parade through town.