Nigel Rainsford Cavendish
MartiniVerse Character
Professor Cavendish in 2009
MartiniVerse Info
Position Principal
Employer Laurence Tureaud High School
Status Deceased
Citizenship United States of America
Born 13 December 1954
Died 31 October 2010 (Age 55)
Real-World Info
Portrayed By Seth Dickerson
Appeared In Officer Lambchopp

Strange Happenings

I feel like the only way to stop [substance abuse] is to have law enforcement walking around, showing kids that it's not right.

–Professor Cavendish

Professor Nigel Rainsford Cavendish was the principal of Laurence Tureaud High School from 1976-2010, when he was killed by zombies, reincarnated as one of the undead, and killed again by Ryan Lambert with a shotgun.

Life and CareerEdit

Professor Cavendish was an esteemed professor of English hailing from Stratford-upon-Avon. He was contacted by the time-travelling war correspondant Mark Logan to join the staff of Laurence Tureaud High School and was appointed principal following Logan's departure to the Bronze Age. He was known as a benevolent principal and his rule was marked by relative stability. He took great strides to appease the angry spirits haunting the school, and when faced with a growing Altoids problem among the students, he hired Officer Ryan Lambert to combat the situation. He was much loved by his students until his death at the hands of zombies in 2010.