Nazi chauffeur
MartiniVerse Character
Nazi chauffeur
Nationality German
Real-World Info
Portrayed By Joel Hilbun
Appeared In Sepulcher

The Nazi chauffeur was the driver of the Fuhrer of Nazi Germany, Adolf Hitler. He had driven the Fuhrer from Berlin to occupied Paris along with Benito Mussolini to tour the newly conquered city. On their return journey to Berlin, one of their stops was the French town of Saint-Marie where French partisans under Jean-Claude Marsalles and Pierre LeMieux attempt to assassinate the German dictator. After the initial gunfire and Mussolini sustaining a non-fatal gunshot, the chauffeur then accelerated the Fuhrer's vehicle, hastily getting the Nazi leader to safety. He later recieved the Iron Cross First Class for this. Afterwards, he alledgedly resigned his commission and wrote a book on his experience which was universally panned.