Mr. Spy Guy: 2
MSG2 Trailer
Title screen from the theatrical trailer.
Directed By David Hilbun
Michael Hilbun
Story By Michael Hilbun
David Hilbun
Starring Michael Hilbun
Edward Gauthier
David Hilbun
Studio Happy Hour Films, LLC
Preceded By Mr. Spy Guy
Release Date July 13, 2013
Running Time 6 min, 24 sec
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Mr. Spy Guy: 2 is a 2013 action movie by Happy Hour Films. It is the sequel to the flagship film of the now-defunct FX Guru Productions, Mr. Spy Guy. It is the second film to feature the character of Agent Sampson.


After a four-year sabbatical in Rwanda, Agent Sampson is called back into service by Director Bullock, who tasks him with a mission of great importance.

Later, Sampson is waiting for his target in a public area, scanning the crowd when suddenly, his target, Mr. Scally Wägner, appears by way of car. Sampson pockets his tactical sandwich and follows Wägner. However, Sampson quickly loses him after Wägner vanishes into thin air like a goddamn ninja.

After dutifully looking both ways before crossing the street, Sampson attempts to follow Wägner, but soon notices that he too is being followed by Shamir sal-Amir, whose brother Sampson had assassinated four years earlier. Sampson makes a break for it and ducks into a nearby parking tower, followed closely by sal-Amir. After ducking around a corner, Sampson pulls off a high-stakes maneuver known as the Sandwich Slip, which causes sal-Amir to fall to the ground. Sampson brutally kicks him, knocking him out.

Unfortunately, this causes Sampson to lose track of Wägner; Sampson moves to the top of the parking tower to obtain a vantage point with which to relocate him. He quickly spots Wägner at a cafe, but before he can go back downstairs he is stopped at gunpoint by sal-Amir, who does not realize that Sampson has somehow stolen his gun's clip. After a brief fight, Sampson shoots sal-Amir, then plants a bomb on his corpse and tricks sal-Amir's goons to the site. As Sampson leaves, two STRIKE agents approach sal-Amir's body. They are then blown to smithereens by Sampson.

At the cafe, Sampson confronts Wägner, and gives him back his wallet.


Behind the ScenesEdit

  • Edward Gauthier was a beloved teacher at Carencro High School, hence his inclusion in the film. His character's name and dialogue in the post-credits scene come from his penchant of calling his students "scallywags."