Mr. Spy Guy
Spy Guy Still
Agent Sampson walking away from an explosion.
Directed By Michael Hilbun
Starring Michael Hilbun
Whitman Alleman
David Hilbun
Studio FX Guru Productions
Succeeded By Mr. Spy Guy: 2
Release Date July 15, 2009
Running Time 6 min, 22 sec
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Mr. Spy Guy is a 2009 action film produced by future Happy Hour senior member Michael Hilbun. It is the first film to feature the character of Agent Sampson.


The film opens on Agent Sampson making breakfast, when he recieves a call from Director Alleman. Immediately snapping into action, he gets dressed and drives to one of STRIKE's many safehouses to retrieve an envelope with unknown contents for an unspecified purpose. After dispatching the STRIKE agents using only his fists, his knife, and a napalm grenade, he takes the envelope to a rendevous with Counteragent Yamir sal-Amir. sal-Amir gives Sampson a brown paper bag in exchange for the envelope. As Sampson walks away, we learn at the same time as sal-Amir that the envelope contained a small explosive, which Sampson triggers while walking away dramatically.

Sampson returns to his base of operations and phones Alleman to inform him of the mission's completion. He then opens the bag he got from sal-Amir, and removes a sandwich from it. Then he eats it.

An after-credits scene plays this footage backwards for comedic effect.



The film was entered into the 2010 Carencro High School Video and Animation Festival. It won 1st Place in its category (Video, Fiction- Medium), as well as 2nd Place in Best Special Effects, 3rd Place in Best Technical Quality, 2nd Place in Best Storytelling, 2nd Place in Best Soundtrack, and 8th Place in Reader's Choice.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • The movie was made entirely by Michael Hilbun for the sole purpose of having a shot of someone walking away from an explosion.
  • The credits are a subtle jab at David Hilbun's penchant for slathering his name across everything he is remotely connected to.
  • In the scene in which Sampson is driving, the car actually is still parked; this is due to the fact that Michael was not old enough to drive at the time. The scene was achieved through physical and special effects. Similarly, the cell phone scene was filmed with a broken phone edited in post-production, as Hilbun did not have a phone either.
  • The name of the cat in the background of the exchange scene is Gouda.
  • Victoria Breckinridge received an award for the film at the 2010 Academy of Information Technology Awards, despite having nothing to do with the production of this film.