Maximilian Reisenweber
MartiniVerse Character
Hauptmann Reisenweber inspecting the troops.
MartiniVerse Info
Born 26 December 1888
Frankfurt, German Empire
Died 26 March 1940 (aged 52)
Saint-Marie, Nazi-occupied France
Allegiance German Empire
Nazi Germany
Service/branch Reichsheer
Years of Service 1914-1918 (Army)
1925-1940 (SS)
Rank Gruppenfuhrer (Lieutenant General)
Commands Held 69th Frankfurt Reserves Regiment
Battles/Wars Battle of Belleau-Wood
Operation Sepulcher
Real-World Info
Portrayed By David Hilbun
Appeared In For the Flag
Vorbereitung auf die feuer!

–Maximilian Reisenweber

Gruppenführer Maximilian Reisenweber was a German military officer in command of the 69th Frankfurt Reserves Regiment during World War I. He successfully commanded the defense of Hill 721 during the Battle of Belleau Wood. Following Germany's defeat from the war, Reisenweber became involved with the rising National Socialist German Worker's Party, also known as the Nazis. He rose to the rank of Gruppenfuhrer in the Waffen-SS, and served during the invasion and occupation of France in World War II. He was killed in 1940 in Saint-Marie by French partisan convoy destroyers while overseeing a convoy coming into the city under Major Fritz Diedrich.

Defense of Hill 721Edit

On 16 June 1918, Reisenweber took command of the 69th Frankfurt Reserves Regiment after its previous commander was killed by Sgt. Marcus Marshall. He contrived of a plan to lure the Americans into the open by ordering them to fall silent, tricking the enemy into thinking the Germans had retreated. Unbeknownst to Reisenweber, Sgt. Marshall was getting his men ready for a charge anyway, which led to the defeat of the American marines and Marshall's death. For his actions, he was awarded the Iron Cross by Wilhelm II.

Nazi Years and DeathEdit

After the war, Reisenweber became an avid follower of Adolf Hitler, becoming one
Reisenweber Sepulcher

Reisenweber in his last moments, before being killed by French convoy destroyers.

of his most ardent supporters and was one of the first individuals to join the National Socialists, better known as Nazis. In 1923, he participated in the Beer Hall Putsch, but was able to escape without being killed or arrested. In 1925, he became one of the first to join the Schutzstaffel. Reisenweber was one of the SS commanders put in charge of the carrying out the Rohm-Putsch, better known as Night of the Long Knives. Reisenweber was charged with executing Hitler's leading opposition leaders including Ernst Rohm and other leaders of the Sturmabteilung (SA), along with other Nazi dissidents, including aide to President Hindenburg, Reginald Allen, who coincidentially trained the American marine platoon that also died at Reisenweber's hands sixteen years earlier at Belleau Wood. After the Battle of France, he was assigned to the occupied town of Saint-Marie, where he was killed by French partisans under the command of Jean-Claude Marsalles.