Marque Logeaux
MartiniVerse Character
Marque Logeaux
Logeaux preparing to kill Pierre LeMieux.
MartiniVerse Info
Aliases Louis Pasbon
Soldat Schmidt
Born 26 November 1905
Lyon, France
Died 29 March 1940 (aged 35)
Saint-Marie, Nazi-occupied France
Allegiance Vichy France
Nazi Germany
Service/branch Gestapo
Years of Service 1940
Rank Scharführer (Sergeant)
Battles/Wars Operation Sepulcher
Real-World Info
Portrayed By Mark Logan
Appeared In Sepulcher
Nein, I'm not a traitor. I was Gestapo this whole time.

–Marque Logeaux, to Pierre LeMieux

Scharführer Marque Logeaux, known under aliases such as Louis Pasbon to the French partisans and Soldat Schidmt to Nazis without the proper clearance, was a French spy and Nazi collaborator.

Gestapo CareerEdit

An avid supporter of the Nazi invasion and occupation of France, he later supported of the collaboration government established in Vichy. He was soon approached by Vichy and Nazi officials and recruited as a spy and informant into the Gestapo, the secret police force of Germany. Due to him being French, he could easily infilitrate the French resistance groups and report their exploits to the Axis. He joined the partisan cell under Jean-Claude Marsalles and became a radio operator, which served him well as he was able to intercept all communication in and out of the partisan cell.

Operation Sepulcher and DeathEdit

After another destruction of one of Oberst Wilhelm von Lieder's convoys by the Marsalles cell's convoy destroyers, Logeaux learned from the secret French partisan radio traffic that the Führer himself, Adolf Hitler, and strangly Benito Mussolini, would be touring the city of Saint-Marie on their way back to Berlin after touring the newly-occupied city of Paris. Soon after, Marsalles along with his second in command Pierre LeMieux began planning an assassination attempt that Logeaux reported back to the Nazis. During the parade, Nazi soldiers under Hauptfach Stauffen managed to apprehend and disable the French saboteurs while Logeaux went after LeMieux personally on top of the city's tower. After hesitating to kill LeMieux, the French partisan then used the oppurtunity to use his own weapon to kill Logeaux. While Logeaux failed in killing LeMieux, he was successful in allowing the capture of a majority of the French partisans and preventing the death of Hitler, while Mussolini was allowed to be non-fatally shot.