Marcus Marshall
MartiniVerse Character
Marcus Marshall
Sgt. Marshall during the Battle of Belleau Wood
MartiniVerse Info
Born 30 September 1893
Battle Creek, Michigan
Died 16 June 1918 (Age 26)
Belleau Wood, France
Allegiance United States of America
Service/branch United States Marine Corps
Years of Service 1916-1918
Rank Sergeant
Battles/Wars Assault on Hill 721
Real-World Info
Portrayed By Victoria Breckinridge
Appeared In For the Flag
Grab a gun. We're about to charge.

–Sergeant Marcus Marshall

Sergeant Marcus Marshall was an American non-commissioned officer in the United States Marine Corps during World War I, who served in the Battle of Belleau Wood and led the Assault on Hill 721.

Bootcamp and DeploymentEdit

In 1916, Marshall was one of the thousands of young men drafted into the United States Marine Corps during World War One. A farm boy from Battle Creek, Michigan, Marshall did not make a good impression on his drill sergeant, Reginald Allen. However, through intense training and perserverance, Marshall eventually reconciled with Sgt. Allen, who later would admit that Marshall was one of his favorite recruits.

Military ServiceEdit

After completion of bootcamp, Marshall was one of many marines sent to the forest of Belleau Wood in France to repel German occupation. During the Assault on Hill 721, he led an unsuccessful charge to capture the hill, although he was able to kill the German commander. After ordering his men to fall back, he successfully retrieved the American flag after it was lost during the retreat. With total disregard for his own life, he successfully retrieved the flag and returned to American lines before being injured by a German mortar near the trench. Upon recovery, he informed his men he had found a weak spot in the German defenses and attempted to lead one final charge, which ultimately led to his death and that of his marines to the 69th Frankfurt Reserves Regiment under Hauptmann Maximilian Reisenweber.