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Curious about the story behind Rudolph Marshall? Ever wondered what was the name of the cat in the background of War-Eagle? Or do you just want to know what the hell is the MartiniVerse? Step inside, loyal minion, and let all of your questions be answered!

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Aaron Touchet Returns to Happy Hour! -August 2, 2013
In a brand-new sketch produced by David, Chief Animator Aaron Touchet has returned to the fold, making him the fifth core member to appear in a new film since the hiatus! With his return, the only original member who has yet to reappear is Mark Logan, who has been confirmed to star in the upcoming Drama at St. Nicholas Memorial II! Check out the sketch on the Happy Hour Facebook page, and stay tuned for details!

Mr. Spy Guy: 2 Trailer Released! -July 4, 2013
The trailer for Happy Hour's upcoming feature film, Mr. Spy Guy: 2 has just been officially released! An official release date had not been set, but it should be out within only a few weeks! In the meantime, enjoy the smexy new trailer, and let your imaginations run wild! Make sure to check it out on the Happy Hour Facebook page, and be sure to "like" us while you're there!

Did you know...

...that the Marshall family has French and Russian branches?
...that Happy Hour's last war film to date was Medal of Honor?
...that War-Eagle is the first film to feature agent of AEGIS and STRIKE?
...that David Hilbun made his first movie when he was nine years old?
...that David Hilbun is the only member of Happy Hour to portray a mythological god on-screen?
...that it took four actors to play two characters in Drama at St. Nicholas Memorial?


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