Laurence Tureaud High School
MartiniVerse Location
Laurence Tureaud High School
The halls of Laurence Tureaud High School being patrolled by Officer Lambchopp.
MartiniVerse Info
Location Battle Creek, Michigan
Principal Nigel Cavendish

Ryan Lambert (de facto)

Grades 7-13
Enrollment 357.5
Colour(s) Teal and Burgundy
Mascot Man-Bears

Real-World Info
Filming Location Carencro High School
Appeared In Officer Lambchopp
Strange Happenings
Bad Trip

Laurence Tureaud High School (LTHS) is a high school located in Battle Creek, Michigan. There have been many reports of restless spirits roaming the halls, and an occasional sighting of a rogue man-bear, which the school has since adopted as its mascot.

School HistoryEdit

LTHS was founded by the famed time-traveller Mark Logan in June of 1976 upon ancient Indian burial grounds. He served as principal until July of 1976, when he was replaced by esteemed English professor of English Nigel Rainsford Cavendish. In 2008, the school was plagued by a massive influx of the street drug known as Altoids, resulting in Ryan "Officer Lambchopp" Lambert's hiring. The school enjoyed a brief period of peace until later that year, when it was the site of a zombie invasion, possibly caused by vengeful Native American ghosts. The combined efforts of Officer Lambchopp and Matt Stacy were enough to stave off the legions of the undead, but unfortunately, in 2011 it was attacked by renegade STRIKE agents. In an attempt to save the school, student John Smith heroically attempted to disarm the bomb they planted, but tragically, this task proved beyond his capabilities and the bomb exploded, destroying the entire school.