Everybody Headbang!
Heabang Titles
The film's main titles
Directed By David Hilbun
Seth Dickerson
Jacob LaCombe
Studio Happy Hour Films, LLC
Release Date September 27, 2007
Running Time 4 min, 27 sec

Everybody Headbang! is a 2007 short film produced by Happy Hour Films.

Concept and CreationEdit

The film was intended as a tribute to Richard McClendon, a former teacher at Carencro High School, who had at one point persuaded his entire class to headbang in unison to AC/DC. Hilbun, Dickerson, and LaCombe had known McClendon (despite not actually having taken his class), and when he was transferred to another school, the team decided to make a tribute to him. After brief consideration, they decided to film a headbanging tribute.

The movie was filmed over four days, and the majority of the footage was not headbanging but rather Dickerson dancing in front of the camera. After four days of filming, the team decided to call it a wrap, and began editing the footage. During post-production, Hilbun realized that there was not enough footage of headbanging to make the film a decent length, and so decided to use the footage of Dickerson's dancing. After adding in the dancing, there still was not enough video. At the time, the team did not use digital video cameras; the analog cameras they used belonged to the school, and often there would be small amounts of others' footage left at the beginning and end of the tape. Hilbun decided to splice some of this footage in as well; despite all of this, there still was not enough. Hilbun made a split-second decision to throw in small clips from some Monty Python videos he had on his flash drive. While all of these additions made the film into a debacle, the team had at this point grown tired of the project and decided to call it a wrap. The film was given hastily-made titles and credits and was rendered down as-is.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • The film marks the first on-screen appearance of Victoria Breckinridge, who would eventually go on to become Happy Hour's Chief Financial Officer, as well as their official Military Consultant.
  • While unforseen at the time, the inclusion of the Monty Python clips forshadow Hilbun's now-obvious influence by the group.
  • Hilbun and Dickerson argued fiercely over the soundtrack to the film: Hilbun was in favor of AC/DC's "Back in Black," which made it to the final cut, while Dickerson was strongly in favor of Quiet Riot's "Metal Health (Bang Your Head)." Hilbun later recanted his decision, admitting that Quiet Riot probably would have made for a slightly better film.