Previous Names Celtech, Inc.
Creators Enlightened by Technology
Founded 2006
Founder(s) David Hilbun
Genre Various
Years Active 2006-present
Associated Acts Unknown
Members Unknown
Former Members Unknown

Celtech (Creators Enlightened by Technology, stylized as CELTECH) is a loose collective of artists and media creators associated with the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. It is an informal "confederation" of likeminded artists, writers, filmmakers, musicians, and other "creators" who share common goals and beliefs. It is intended as a means for creators to meet and work with others, and help each other in their pursuits.


Ostensibly, the name Celtech is an abreviation of the group's full name: Creators Enlightened by Technology. However, this is a backronym developed by founder David Hilbun seven years after its original founding. Hilbun maintains to this day that he is unsure of why he originally settled on the name "Celtech," nor why he chose to stylize it in all-caps. However, he admits that he probably subconciously meant it as a portmanteau of "Celtic Technology," drawing from his Northern European ancestry.