Benito Mussolini
Historical Character
Mussolini standing next to Adolf Hitler in Saint-Marie
Historical Info
Position Prime Minister of Italy
In Office 1922-1943
Preceded By Luigi Facta
Succeeded By Pietro Badoglio
Political Party Republican Fascist Party
Citizenship Italian
Born 29 July 1883
Predappio, Kingdom of Italy
Died 28 April 1945 (Age 61)
Giulino, Kingdom of Italy
Real-World Info
Portrayed By Travis Meche
Appeared In Sepulcher
Our beloved Fuhrer and Herr Mussolini will be passing through Saint-Marie on their way back to Berlin.

–Randolf Mueller, to Wilhelm von Lieder

Benito Amilcare Andrea Mussolini was the fascist dictator of Italy from 1922-1943.

Saint-Marie Assassination AttemptEdit

In 1940, while touring the occupied French city of Saint-Marie with Adolf Hitler, Mussolini was shot in the left hand in an assassination attempt on himself and Hitler by Pierre LeMieux. Historians speculate as to why he was there, noting that it did not enhance the event and that few observers even knew who he was; the general theory is that he was shoehorned into the event simply because of the convienience of it. Subsequent to the shooting, he made a full recovery.