Another Drama at St. Nicholas Memorial
DSNM2 Poster
North American promotional poster
Directed By David Hilbun
Seth Dickerson
Story By David Hilbun
Starring David Hilbun
Seth Dickerson
Mark Logan
Jacob LaCombe
Aaron Touchet
Studio Happy Hour Films, LLC
Preceded By Drama at St. Nicholas Memorial

Another Drama at St. Nicholas Memorial was to be the sequel to Happy Hour's 2009 dark comedy Drama at St. Nicholas Memorial. It would have starred David Hilbun, Seth Dickerson, Mark Logan, and Aaron Touchet reprising their roles from the first film. Production began on the film, but principal photography was never completed due to the crew abandoning the film in favor of Officer Lambchopp.


Drs. Radical and Awesome, along with their faithful sidekick Nurse Markeesha, return to St. Nicholas Memorial Hospital with plans of kidnapping Dr. Orange Lobster and performing illegal surgery on him as revenge for his stopping their earlier procedure. After sneaking into the hospital and stealing the medical scrubs of three doctors, they make their way to Orange Lobster's office, only to find that his position is being temporarily filled by Dr. Smith (LaCombe) while Orange Lobster is on sabbatical. To prevent Smith from calling security, Markeesha punches him out.

When Smith comes to, he is strapped to an operating table. Dr. Radical begins interrogating him for information as to Orange Lobster's whereabouts, but Smith refuses to talk. Dr. Awesome prepares to torture him with a scalpel to convince him to talk, but at the last minute Orange Lobster appears. While he has gained several hundred pounds in the time since the first film, he assures the "doctors" that he is still "as powerful as ever." He then ignites a lightsaber, and Drs. Radical and Awesome respond in kind. They charge at each other, but before they can fight they are apprehended by the hospital security.

During the confusion, Nurse Markeesha slips away safely. The film closes on him taking off his wig and driving into the sunset.


Behind the scenesEdit

  • Recently, a restored scene from the film was uploaded by David Hilbun onto Facebook on July 10, 2013. The scene appears to be the first act of the film. To date, this is the only surviving footage of the film.
  • Hilbun has hinted that the project may be revived, but no confirmation on this fact is currently available.